These are the Alternia and Beforus Region Legendaries

Eridan Ampora Edit

Eridan Ampora is said to have the fuschia blood of a troll fishman contained within its body, and as such is able to act like the hipster jerk we all love. You can find him in the water near his lusus.

Stats Edit

Health        Moves/Damage

413       WandAttack(~160),AttackThePeasants(40),GrimdarkMode(Blocks),GlubGlub(70)

Legendary Birds Edit

They all share similar attributes and are considered equal among themselves.The legendary birds also share a master in Lord English.

Gamzee Makara Edit

It kills all the good characters in the story. According to the legend, it appears before doomed timelords, sburb players, trolls and sprites. It can be found in rage mode.

Stats Edit

Health        Moves/Damage

413       ClownAttack(~160),honk(80*),WhereAreAllTheOtherCharacters?(200),#Why(SelfHeal)

Mituna Captor Edit

Mituna Captor reportedly appears only during dream bubble storms, and is said to live among hexagon clouds. He can be found in a temple with a cyclops lusus when a yellow bolt of lightning strikes the ground. (Go in the sewers)

Stats Edit

Health        Moves/Damage

413         Seizure(~413),1M.50RRY(SelfHeal),EatTheHoney(Defence),SkateboardFall(413)