Roblox Pokemon Legends Wiki

Tournaments are held on special occasions where the winner(s) will be rewarded with special Pokemon for Pokemon legends.

General Information

On rare occasions, admins will host tournaments after announcing on the Pokemon legends group wall. The admin hosting the tournament will choose a number of entries (normally 25 or less). The people will then PM the admin verifying their entry.

Formats & Prizes

Format 1: is a standard 1v1 match. The admin will choose who will be fighting who. Winner of the battle shall continue to fight the the next round as the loser will not be able to continue. This process will continue until there is a winner of the final round.

Format 2: is normally held after the first format at the admins choice. This format is similar to the first format but with the added fact that there are tag teams.

As for winning the tournament, the winner will be granted 2 exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon legends. These two Pokemon being shiny Genesect and shiny Deino. Both of these Pokemon will appear on the Missing No. page.

Check here for the Tournament Time and Names when one is happening.